Monday, August 16, 2010

Grand Kapamilya Negosyo Fair 2

Its been quite some time not updating my blog because of some problems but now i'm back.

Okay, i'm gonna start with yesterday. We went to Grand Kapamilya Negosyo Fair 2 at SMX and my husband and I realized that many people, like us, wanted to start their own business. There was businesses about soaps, dresses, accessories, foods, etc. but most of it was franchising. Do some of you noticed that Ice Scramble business is booming. Like yesterday, Ice Scramble stands were all out of ice.

Then there was this soap business which I saw on the news that his business was a success with the help of GKNF1. And yes, out of curiosity, I bought some of his products. ^^

I hope someday we'll also have our own business.