Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whitening Cream and Soap Review

These are results base on me, relatives and friends' experience.

I used Likas Papaya soap before and I’m satisfied with the results. My skin got fairer but that was way back then. Highschool pa ‘ata ako nun then now parang iba na yung Likas. Hindi na katulad dati kasi mas mahal na and nakakadry na ng skin.

My sister-in-law is selling Herbal Blessings products and the best seller is Glutawhite soap. Affordable na, effective pa based on experience of customers. Actually, I didn’t use this soap yung ibang klase lang but my friends and relatives were satisfied kaya I think okay talaga ‘to. If you want to buy just send me a message. =P

My sister and I tried Kojie-san kojic acid soap. Since the packaging is attractive and the model is Alodia-sama, we decided to buy it. Well, it smells like orange and it’s color orange and we’re not satisfied. I used it for 2 days and nagkapimples ako so I stopped baka dumami pa pimples ko. Eew!

Have you tried Amira Magic cream and soap? We searched online for the best whitening cream and we read (in some site) that this is the no.1 whitening cream especially in UA. I know someone who tried it and the result, she said “the cream is slight effective and the soap helps prevent blackheads”. And medyo confusing kung ano talaga yung original kasi madami nang lumabas na fake na ganito.

I’ve been using this Ksa Magic soap (tester only) for 4 days and it made my skin smoother but I don't think my skin getting fairer. Anyway, i'll continue to use nalang and post here the updates.


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