Thursday, July 15, 2010


Typhoon Basyang landed here the night of July 13, 2010, Tuesday. Basyang has a very strong wind and some rain (tiba-tiba nga 'yung mga magbobote kasi dami sila napulot na bubong. heheh!). And when there's typhoon expect a brownout. We suffered a brownout for 59hours (i think). It's 2 1/2 days of no PC, low bat cellphones, no TV, no radio, no electric fan, no cold drinks, no aircon and 2 sleepless nights kakapaypay kay baby. And then 12nn this day, everyone was happy to have the electricity back and after 4 hours, brownout nanaman for 2hours pero meron na ulit ngayon. I hope hindi na magbrownout kasi I can't take it anymore. The heat, the boredom and oh, my poor baby, body's sweating and itching, mosquitoes biting. And I have a very limited time online. Well, be safe nalang everyone and I hope na wala nang rotating brownout.

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